Hangover & Hangover Pro Help


Thank you for trying out Hangover! Hangover is a Maxon® Cinema 4D® render notifications plugin. It is compatible with Cinema 4D R12+ on OS X 10.6 or later. We know babysitting a render is no fun! So go ahead and grab that bologna and cheese sandwich at the corner store with a side of pickles or go take a nap. Don't worry about your render. Just add scenes to the render queue and execute Hangover. Hangover will notify you when your scenes are done! Once the batch render is finished, Hangover has the ability to:

  • Send an email. Including emails to multiple recipients.*
  • Send a frame of your render with your email attachments.*
  • Attach a detailed log file of your renders to your email.*
  • Play a nice musical jingle.
  • Put the machine to sleep.
  • Log out the current user.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Shutdown the computer.
  • Copy rendered files to a select destination.*
  • Send Growl notifications.
  • Send an SMS message to your phone.**
  • Send push notifications to your iPhone via Boxcar or Prowl.***
  • Full batch or per job notifications.*
  • Send push notifications to your Android based devices or iPhone via Pushover.****

*Hangover Pro version only features.

**Fees from your mobile carrier may apply.

***Push notifications to your iPhone requires the purchase of the Prowl app ($2.99). The Boxcar app is free.

****Push notifications to your iPhone or Android device requires the purchase of the Pushover app ($4.99).


You have two options. You can place the Hangover folder in your user plugins directory (Mac) e.g: '/Users/UserName/Library/Preferences/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R12_C333CB6C/plugins'. This the recommended installation path.

You can also place it in the plugins directory located in the main Cinema 4D installation folder.Usually, 'Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D RXX/plugins/'. However, you must have the proper permissions for the Applications directory.

Just drag the whole Hangover folder into either one of the above installation paths and you are good to go!

How Do I Use Hangover?

Hangover will be available in your Python menu in Cinema 4D R12 and under Plugins in Cinema 4D R13+. Enter the information needed for notifications such as email, add your scenes to the render queue and hit render!


This is where you will select your main options for notifications. In order for Hangover to work, you must add scenes to your Render Queue. Once your scenes are set up in the render queue, select the type of notifications you want and press the Start Render Queue button. The render queue will automatically start. If at any time you need to stop the batch render, press the Stop Render button and Hangover will terminate all batch render processes. As a result, all notifications set will also be discarded.

If you choose the email option, the recipient field will become active. If left blank, by default, Hangover will send mail to the email/user name setting you saved in the authentication section of the Email tab. If you wish to send the notification to a different email, just enter the email in the recipient text field. If you purchased the Pro version, you can also send email to multiple recipients by seperating each email with a comma.

The alert option will provide an audible alert once the batch render is done. You also have the options of placing the machine in sleep mode after the batch render is finished, logging out the current user, restarting, or alternatively, completely shut down the system. Note: You can only select one of the three modes. i.e. either log out, sleep, restart, or shutdown. Please read the Gotchas section for more information on system notifications.

If you have nothing checked off and start the Cinema 4D batch render queue via Hangover, the default alert sound will execute. One important issue to be aware of is that any scene that Hangover will process, needs to be save and have its setting set via the Render Settings. The Render Queue provides an option to set the paths for the image and log file locations, however, Hangover will not recognize these settings. If Hangover fails to deliver notifications, please make sure your Render Settings for each scene are set.

  • Email - Check this option if you would like an email notification. Seperate multiple emails with a comma.*
  • Recipient - Email of where to send notification. If left blank, the email from your account settings is used.
  • Attachments - A low rez frame from your rendered scene indicated by frame number sent with the email.*
  • Attach Logfile - Detailed log report of each rendered scene.*
  • Alert - The system sends an audible alert once batch render is done.
  • Log Out - The system will log out the current user.
  • Sleep - The system will go into sleep mode once the batch render is done.
  • Shutdown - The system will close all open Cinema 4D documents and shut down the computer.
  • Restart - The system will close all open Cinema 4D documents and restart the computer.
  • Copy Files - Copies rendered files to a destination directory.*
  • Prowl - Send Prowl push notification to your mobile device.
  • Boxcar - Send Boxcar push notification to your mobile device.*
  • Pushover - Send Pushover push notification to your iPhone or Android mobile device.*
  • SMS - Send an SMS message to your mobile device.*
  • Stop Render - Stops the batch render process. All Notifications will be cancelled.
  • Start Render Queue - This will begin the batch render process of all scenes in the queue.
Email Settings Example

Email Settings

This tab will allow you to enter your outgoing email settings if you wish to receive email notifications. The Account Email is your full email address including domain that will be used for this account. By default, email notifications will be sent to this email address. You can always send to a different address by entering the email in the Recipient text field.

In the Server Name (SMTP) text field, enter the address of the outgoing email server along with the port number your server is using. Check with your ISP for these settings. A quick web search should provide what you need. All three settings are required if you wish to receive email notifications.

Depending on how your email service is configured, you will most likely need to enable authentication. If your ISP or email service provider requires SMTP authentication for outgoing mail, you will need to select the Use Name and Password option and enter your credentials. The user name field is usually your full email address.

In addition, you will need to specify what type of encryption your server requires. You can select None (not likely), TLS (Transport Layer Security), or SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Please check with your provider for the correct settings.

Once you press Save, a file will be created on disk that will store your settings. If you need to make changes to these settings, just re-enter the new information and Save. Note: Your user name and password will be encrypted.

Finally, once you save your settings, the Test button will become active. It is strongly recommended you send a test email to make sure Hangover is able to communicate with the outgoing mail server to send out emails. Please read the Gotchas section for more information on system notifications.

  • Account Email - Full email address including domain. e.g. waffle@pancake.com
  • Server Name - Address of outgoing mail server (SMTP). e.g. smtp.gmail.com
  • Port - Outgoing server port (SMTP). Gmail, for example, uses Port for TLS: 587 and Port for SSL: 465
  • Use Name and Password - If your outgoing mail server requires authentication, check this option.
  • User Name - User name login. Usually your full email address including domain. e.g. pancake@waffle.com
  • Password - Your account password. Password will be encrypted upon saving settings.
  • Encryption - The type of encryption used by your outgoing mail server.
Email Settings Example

Mobile Settings

Hangover can also send notifications right to your mobile device. If you have an iOS device, you can use Prowl or Boxcar* to receive push notifications. You will need to purchase the Prowl app from the App store for $2.99. Once you have the Prowl app installed on your phone, head over to the Prowl web site http://prowlapp.com/ and register to acquire your API key. Enter this key into the Prowl API key field on the Mobile tab. Make sure to test your API key.

You can also install the Boxcar app, which is free, on your iOS device. You must create an account on the Boxcar website http://boxcar.io/ and enter the email you used to register in the Hangover Boxcar User Email field.

Please note that the push notifications have only been tested on iOS mobile devices. If you are using an Android device, you can try using the Android-notifier from http://code.google.com/p/android-notifier/. No guarantees that it will work at the moment.

Alternatively, you can send notifications to your mobile device via SMS messages.** Just enter you full mobile device number and select your carrier. If your carrier is not listed, please send an email to hi at 990adjustments dot com to update the database of carries.

  • Prowl API Key - Enter Prowl API key you generated from the Prowl web site. http://prowlapp.com/
  • Boxcar User Email - Enter the email you used to register with Boxcar. http://boxcar.io/*
  • SMS Number - Enter your mobile device phone number.*
Mobile Settings Example

Hangover provides a few options such as enabling Growl system notificatios and selecting either batch or per job notifications.*


  • Add Current Project - Adds the currently opened scene to the Render Queue’s list of render jobs.
  • View Error Log - Will open up log file with error that might have occurred while processing notifications.
  • Delete Settings - This will delete your settings file from disk. All hangover settings will be removed.
  • Quit - Exit Hangover. Renders will still continue and notifications will be processed.


  • Use Growl Notifications - If have Growl v1.3 or later installed, this will enable/disable Growl notifications.
  • Per Job Notifications - This will send a notification for each job as it completes. Default is batch mode, which sends a notification once all jobs are complete.*


  • Help - Takes you to this help web page. :)
  • Website - Opens a browser and takes you to the Hangover website.
  • About - A little info on the plugin and it's author.


While I have done my best to error check any issues that may arise, it is possible something might have slipped through the cracks. This is especially true for software that deals with networks. If you intend on buying the Pro version of Hanover, Thank you! However, before you buy, please be aware of a few gotchas, limitations, or/and known issues.

  • First and foremost, Hangover only works on OS X at the moment. Hopefully, I can get a Windows version going soon.
  • If you are unable to send email, check your python console for any errors you might receive or view the error log available from the View Error Log menu item. Also, make sure you are not behind a firewall. If you are running antivirus software, check that the software is not blocking the plugin from sending email. You may have to contact your sys admin to allow email to pass through.
  • There may be issues sending email if you use Yahoo or Apple/Me email. This is due to their email policy. Your milage may vary. If your're interested in purchasing the pro version of Hangover, try to out the free version first to make sure you don't encounter any email issues.
  • Be aware that systems notifications, such as restart and shutdown, may not function if you do not have proper administration rights on the computer. Usually, only administrators of the system can restart and shutdown the computer.
  • Each scene must have its options set, such as destination, frame range, etc., in the render settings prior to sending notifications. While the Render Queue does provide fields to add and change image and log destinations, this will cause Hangover not to send notifications. These settings must be set by using the render settings dialog.
  • If you have trouble trasfering files, check your permissions for that directory to make sure you have permissions to write to it.
  • Deleting the settings will usually help resolve any strange issues that may occur.
  • Growl has only been tested with OS X 10.8.2 and Growl 2.0.1. May or may not work on previous releases.
  • If you encounter any problems, bugs, or can't seem to get Hangover to work, please send an email to hangover@990adjustments.com.

*Hangover Pro version only features.

**Fees from your mobile carrier may apply.

***Push notifications to your iPhone requires the purchase of the Prowl app ($2.99). The Boxcar app is free.