Hangover for Cinema 4D

Babysitting a render is no fun! Go ahead and grab that bologna and cheese sandwich at the corner store with a side of pickles or go take a nap. Don't worry about your render. Just add your scenes to the batch render queue and render away. Hangover will notify you when your scenes are done!

Download Hangover Free

*Pro: C4D R12+ & OS X 10.6+.
*Free: C4D R12+ & OS X 10.6
 Windows 7 & C4D R15+.

*Please read the Gotchas before you buy.

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Free Version:


Hangover will send you an email when the Cinema 4D batch render queue is complete.


Using the Prowl iPhone app ($2.99 from the App store), you can also receive iPhone push notifications.


Hangover can also integrate with Growl system notifications. (OS X 10.8.6 & Growl 2.0.1)


Prefer a charming little jingle when render is complete? Not a problem. Hangover gives you the option!

Log Out

Ability to log out from user account when render is complete. (Mac OS X only)


Go green and save some energy. Put your system to sleep once your render is done.


Want to start fresh? Have Hangover restart when your render is done.

Shut Down

Going away for a while. No need to keep the computer running once render is finished. Hangover gives you the option to shut down your computer.

Pro Version Adds:

*Currently not available.

Multiple Email Recepients

Need to notify several people about completed renders. Hangover Pro allows you to send email to multiple recepients.


You can also send SMS messages directly to your mobile phone with Hangover Pro.

Boxcar Push Notifications

In addition to Prowl push notifications, you have the option of using Boxcar. The Boxcar iPhone app is free too!

Image Attachments

Specify a range or sequence of frame numbers and Hangover will attach then to your email.

Image Transfers

Transer your results after a render is complete to a different directory. No need to wait around!


Receive push notifications on your iPhone or Android based devices in one app via Pushover! ($4.99) Pushover.net

Logfile Attachments

Have logfile information for your scene renders attached to your email notifications.

Detailed Render Notifications

Notifications include the render status for all scenes in batch or per job basis.